Mesothelioma Causes and Symptoms


Having contact with asbestos is the main reason of mesothelioma cancer, because majority of the patients diagnosed with the disastrous cancer were in contact of asbestos at the same instance. It is injected in the body by the glimpse of asbestos which can come in contact while at work, a second hand exposure or even due to environment.

It a dangerous cancer that mostly attack the lungs and abdomen, it was a rare disease before the industrial and commercial revolution. This revolution increased the exposure of asbestos in the 20th century. After centuries of research and causes about the disease, medical scientists were able to conclude the main reason for the spreading of this disease and it an exposure to asbestos. Doctors highlighted the fact that taking breath in the minuscule asbestos fibers initiated a link of physical and metabolic events that followed the built up of many cancers on a non breathing disorder called asbestosis.


IARC explained at lengths the scientific reason of this chain and only grow stronger with the passage of time and there are many discoveries saying that asbestos is dangerous to human life, needless of the type of fiber length.

When you are in contact with asbestos which is the main reason for mesothelioma and there are also other players which can play major role in the development of cancer. Medical scientist labeled these elements as risky ingredients and due to these a can grow huge number of chances for the development of this cancer.

Ingredients that boost the Risk of Mesothelioma:

  • When you are working at an asbestos processing plant or asbestos mine
  • While working in a major risk development environment for example automotive industries or the construction.
  • When you are fulfilling your duties at facility constructed with the elements having asbestos or on an army ship
  • When your home is near to asbestos mine.
  • When you are renovating your home without applying proper safety measures mean while distributing asbestos products.

Other Factors that can push the risk for developing Mesothelioma

Despite the major risk factors that are linked with the development of asbestos, exposure to the mineral with same taste to asbestos, physical traits such as gender or age can also push the risk of increasing the chances of developing asbestos

  • Coming in Contact with Mineral Fibers: Getting in contact with zeolites, a species of fibrous mineral chemically same to asbestos, can kick the risk of mesothelioma. Increasing ratio of mesothelioma in the area of Turkey says that those people living in the same area and other working with a zeolite building elemental building elements called erionite can increase the chances for developing the disease.
  • Coming in Contact with Radiation: Getting in contact with radiation can also sky rocket the mesothelioma risk, but proof is at minute scale and also not consistent. Many researchers have shown the risk for mesothelioma significantly increasing after a person gets a radiation therapy as a medicine for other cancers.
  • Simian Virus 40 and Polio Vaccines: A study suggests that people who had got a polio vaccination during the period start from 1955 to 19643 can have a speedy chance of developing mesothelioma. Hundred thousands, millions of polio vaccinations during those big 9 years time were infected by the simian virus 40. But to our surprise studies at gigantic scales were not able to find the chain between increased mesothelioma risk and the virus so this is a controversial topic but still they are digging down.
  • Age and Gender: This disease has affected more men than women and it a rare case when people who are younger than 45 are affected by mesothelioma. This is due to that fact that mesothelioma often takes more than 10 years to grow and men have high occurrence to work at the place where asbestos exposure occurs.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Coughing, chest pain, difficulty to breath and many other types of lung related diseases are the unfortunate symptoms of mesothelioma and asbestosis. The symptoms vary from cancer to caner as the disease develops and sometimes can be categorized as vague and even mild as the diseases develops from stage to stage. Initial stages can be so be minor that they can be mistaken as normal pains or aches or signs of different disease,  making this asbestos-related cancer hard to diagnose.

The most symptoms of Mesothelioma are

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Wheezing or Dry cough
  • Abdomen or Pain in the chest
  • Hard to breath or Respiratory Complications
  • Anemia
  • Fever
  • Pleural Effusions
  • Muscle Weakens

Advanced symptoms of Mesothelioma are

  • Respiratory Complications
  • Chest Pain
  • Weight loss

And when someone identifies the warning signs, it has been too late for the person because the cancer has taken its place in the body and making it worse for the doctors to cure. But if you want to save yourself from the trouble then inform your doctor about earlier history if you had of asbestos contact and this will help you in getting better at an much fast pace.

When does the signs occur

The signs of mesothelioma and other asbestos cancer first occur in tiny, subtle ways. Some of the signs are so much hard to detect that often doctor and their patient take them as symbols of some other type of disorders or shrug them off entirely. The small sings gradually grow large enough in from 20 to 50 years so they can be detectable after their exposure to asbestos. All of the types of cancers take years to grow and the signs don’t really start to affect a person unless the tumor has started to travel throughout the body. When it reaches the level 3 or level 4 then they are diagnosed and then it’s too late for a cure.

Initial Stages of Mesothelioma are tough to diagnose

Many people don’t get the early stage of this dangerous disease. When they go to the doctors for its medication, it’s after the intensification of symptoms and that is why many of the mesothelioma research are in search of a best way to catch this disease at a earlier stage in the diagnosis, when it has more chances to be cured.

The Signs of Mesothelioma are often misread

New doctors often make the mistake of pleural mesothelioma for earlier stage conditions such as pneumonia, bronchial infection and COPD. Patients who have this peritoneal mesothelioma at earlier stage can be diagnosed with ovarian cancer or irritable bowel syndrome.

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