How to self Diagnose, If you are affected with Mesothelioma

Asbestos is so small for human eye, that you are not able to see this natural occurring mineral with naked eye. If this mineral is present in the air then while breathing there, you will take this in. This is among the main reason that why people are affected with this cancer. And when you will inhale asbestos from air, then you are a victim of pleural cancer and this will end in fatal death.

How to Save Yourself

We will give you a complete understanding of asbestos illnesses. We will also tell you how to take care of yourself, if you are infected with asbestos.  Here are some steps

Setting First Foot


If you are of the opinion that you might are suffering with asbestos, then:

  • Visit your doctor.To analyze your claim, your doctor will run some test for you. He will also look into your history, exposure to asbestos and then will give you some physical test that may be lung function test or chest x-ray. Your doctor can also consult another expert doctor for asbestos related illness. He may ask him to read your x-ray and guide you with some help.
  • Quit Smoking. If you’re a smoker then please quite smoking. Combined with asbestos exposure, smoking will leave a huge impact on your way to lung cancer.
  • Regular pneumonia shots and influenza (flu).Getting these inoculation shots on daily basis will help minimize the risk of lung infection.

If you started working on these tips, then being exposed to asbestos will certainly not mean any health problem. There will be many things to consider when checking while you are at health risks or not from asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Related illnesses

In their lifetimes everyone has been exposed to the asbestos in the United States. But from all only those become sick who have been exposed to the asbestos for a long time and their exposure to asbestos is more often. Inhaling is a nature process in which you breathe in and out but when your breath asbestos in some of the fibers stays there and remains here throughout the life. But again only those become sick or have cancer in their bodies that have been exposed for a longer time. And to our surprise while washing lungs, these fibers cannot wash out. Fibers combine there and results in inflammation and scarring. And while the lung tissue thicken and scars, breathing become a problem.

Lung Cancer is a hazardous tumor that blocks the lung’s air way. And when someone is a smoker then it works as adding more fuel to fire.  Symptoms and signs of lung cancer are

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Hoarseness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Anemia
  • Persistent Chest pain

Mesothelioma, is a unique cancer that take place after lining of the chest or abdomen. And majority of these cases appear after the 30 years of exposure to asbestos in diagnostic. And when the person is known to have a mesothelioma it has become to eradicate

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Trouble breathing and shortness of breath
  • Lumps, pain or swelling in the abdomen
  • Pain under the ribs

Asbestosis is a concerned, prolonging and progressive disease that inflects scarring of lungs. And because of this scarring, it becomes difficult for lungs to pass oxygen into the blood. Asbestosis leads to the shrinking of lungs and stops breathing but it’s not a cancer.

  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath (the major sign)
  • Loss of appetite
  • A strong cough that discharges mucus
  • A crackling and dry sound in produced in the lungs while inhaling.

Treating the Cancer

A doctor can provide you his assistance with asbestos related symptoms but no cure is available for the disease.  Only further damage can be prevailed, stopping the complications and treating the signs.

Exercise, Rest and Food

Taking care of yourself, with help you to recover and also breathe easier

  • Limit your salt intake
  • Have lot of fruits and vegetables with health food. A healthy diet helps to take care of a healthy body.
  • Have sleep of 7-8 hours every night.
  • Drink six glasses of water daily or as the doctor prescribed
  • Make exercising your routine that will help in strengthen your lungs and heart
  • Take naps and short rest during the day. Save your energy and don’t wear yourself out.


  • Always wash your hands while taking your medicine or while taking care of your oxygen equipments.
  • Keep your hands clean to minimize the risk of flu and colds.
  • Have pneumonia and flu injection every yea.
  • Restrict yourself from huge gathering because that can cause you respiratory diseases.

Taking Note

Always have a diary with you when you have problem while breathing. Write down the status of your body while you are having trouble to breath. Also take note when did this happen and if it’s for a regular thing you are doing, then don’t do that if you are willing to long enough.

Avoiding Dirty Air

When the density of pollen and air pollution is on the peak, you should stay indoors at that time. Use an air filter machine to have quality air. When the weather is cold outside, put a scarf on your nose and mouth and breathe though with nose. Do not inhale those pollutants that can shortness of breath. This count, smog, fumes, aerosols, chemical vapors and paints.

Include Yourself in Respiratory Therapies

Learn postural drainage; this is a technique which involves positioning yourself to remove and drain secretions from specific parts of your lung. Participation in respiratory therapies for example bronchial drainage as prescribed by your doctor, Doctor can also prescribe you an ultrasonic mist humidifier to use which will be beneficial to remove secretions from your lungs.

Don’t extend the use of the respiratory therapy devices to have a risk of infections.

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