Available resources for Mesothelioma patients and their Families

The treatment for mesothelioma is very much heavy on the pocket and requires over flow of cash. But for those people who have suffered a great deal from mesothelioma, they can avail a number of financial alternatives to help them get the best care which they have earned. There are many channels available for mesothelioma patients who are suffering from this fatal disease. The resources available to them are financial help, travel support and many more

How many types of resources are available for Mesothelioma Patients ?

There are generally many problems from which these patients have to pass through both financial and economical. This makes their life harder, wear out on daily basis for example going for prognosis and cure or getting them scanned. There are a number of alternative present that can sort out their problems when they are thinking of mesothelioma diagnosis. Mesothelioma patients should educate themselves first about the variety of resource available to them and after that they should avail all those financial flexibility opportunities that are there for them while fighting against mesothelioma.

Legal Compensation

It is a fact that mesothelioma cure is very much heavy on the pocket. But they can save themselves from this nuclear bomb by submitting legal claim, which will save them from hiking prices. There is also an option available to them to construct a legacy for the loved ones and family via legal options. For those who are under the burden of medical bills, submitting a claim is a wise option for them. The expert law entities representing mesothelioma patients on a contingency basis means that unless a case favors in their side, it will not cost them a single penny. Every law firm is not an expert to tackle and win the mesothelioma case.

Mesothelioma Trust Funds

In the reserves, government has saved over $30 billion worth trust funds for those patients who were inflected with asbestos. The time period to know about the disease is too long after exposure to asbestos that companies, which manufactured asbestos equipments, had to declare bankruptcy. And due to their bankruptcy United States government has ordered those companies to initiate a trust fund for mesothelioma patients. After filing claim trust funds are available to the mesothelioma patients.

Veteran’s Affairs Claim

About thirty percent of the entire asbestos exposure patients are veterans because they had a huge exposure with asbestos while they were serving in army. In the United States majority of the people having exposure to asbestos are the veterans. From the period 1930 till 1980, there were a huge amount of veterans who were exposed to asbestos. There are many advantages present for the U.S army veterans. If they are suffering from this disease, then a local VA clinic will give them the best health care facility available and will also take care of their families.

Due to the military service, many soldiers suffer from mesothelioma, the Veterans Affair understand this fact and give them the best health care and also provide disability compensation for those who can enough proof that their this condition is due to the service.


It can take a long time to have those filed benefits or compensations via the mesothelioma specific programs. But keeping this in mind, for patients having serious health issues can have general assistance which is instantly at service. Private companies take a huge load off from the mesothelioma patient’s shoulder. But there are some companies who have a restricted policy in this regards, they put a limit to the treatment they offer and also have a doctor choice restriction. PPO and HMO plans have the freedom to select a doctor of their own choice from a list of physicians made available to them. This system also put a check on patient and they can’t have treatment from an expert doctor. Mesothelioma patients should check their health care plan and provider to check what the services they are offering under their plan are.

Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are the government programs who are made available for specific people. Senior citizens, low income people or people with disabilities can take also take advantages from this scheme.


Mesothelioma patients have to go places to have the best treatment they need. And due to this travelling can become a problem on the pocket. To relieve them, there are some organizations who will be discounting them on their hotel accommodations or flights.

Corporate Angel Network

This agency give free of cost tickets on corporate jets to the mesothelioma patients who are in grave need to travel around the country for the treatment. This organization connects companies with patients who can give them a seat of their private jets. Patients receive a double edge benefit with private jet and best care treatment.

Housing Schemes

Like a need to travel, there is also a need to stay to receive the best medical facility while mesothelioma treatment. It is a known practice for hostel surrounding hospital to give special package to patients and their families. And some of the hospitals have gone to this extent that with a collaboration with charities they offer low housing cost to the patients in need.

Fisher House Foundations

A patient who was receiving medical treatment for his mesothelioma, In 1991, the first ever fisher house as allocated to them. The mind behind this is very basic to provide home to the patients who are living away from their homes. Now it has crossed the milestone of 50 houses in the United States. One third of these entire houses belong to the veterans. Every single of the Fisher House in built on the property of veteran’s clinics and major medical military hospitals. There is minimum on Fisher house in the major medical military center according to the Fisher House Foundations.

Counseling and Support

Mesothelioma patient should remain positive throughout the whole treatment process. And staying positive is important for the patient to recover both physically and emotionally. And to help them in their hard times, there are many counseling service, support group and hospice care available to them.


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